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Our Candidates

We retain the top talent company-wide to boost your productivity & profitability!

We are well connected with the very best and brightest leaders in the gift and home dècor industry. Here are just some of the positions for which we recruit and retain. Reach us today with what are your open positions, and we will promptly reply to learn more about what qualifications are required. helps identify which top leaders will best grow your business:

  • Reduce expenses for increased profitability
  • Identify and capitalize on new sales channels
  • Maximize new & existing customer lifetime value
  • Implement effective best practices for prosperity

Positions we fill:

  • Product Development

    Our talent brings product ideas to prosperity – from concept to execution to market introduction.

  • Sales & Business Development

    Our executives manage all sizes of sales teams, from boutique retailers to world-class big box retailers.

  • Product Packaging

    Our candidates have the vision for cost-effective and eye-catching packaging that promptly sells through.

  • Merchandising & Display

    Our creative merchandisers envision products in the very best settings to inspire immediate purchases.

  • Sourcing, Manufacturing & Quality Control

    Our global experts possess a uniquely developed skill set and a world of international experience.

  • CEO, Presidents, Vice Presidents

    Our leaders are decisive, visionary and ambitious to exceed organizational goals and maximize profits.

  • Corporate Board of Directors

    Our directors are strong, independent and effective – which builds engaged, focused and agile boards.